Good morning.

  1. In the land of no-vouchers for education. Felony?
  2. Coptic Christians, women, and now gays … Arab Spring or something less attractive?
  3. Meanwhile in Korea
  4. Some historical amazons.
  5. Keynesian and neo-Keynesians need not fear … policy makers are addicted to y’all. After all, what other theory recommends increased spending in recession and boom?
  6. Some European economic indicators.
  7. Coir composites coming to a car near you?
  8. Putting Mr Jobs in perspective.
  9. Deer (actually a hartbeest) crossing.
  10. A qualification on Obama’s liberal label.
  11. The Sitters and their motives … best left as unstated shared assumptions, ’cause when they go out and state them, gosh that’s not helping.
  12. The high court and a question.
  13. A quote for the day.

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