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  1. Is this the sort of corporation that the OWS fellows are up in arms about … why aren’t they, like the Tea Party, then primarily critical of the government. Speaking of which, it seems to me many of these OWSers are complaining that they have large college loans + no prospects for jobs given their particular educational qualifications. It seems to me the “corporation” to lay the blame at is the educational industry with its skyrocketing cost of product and willingness to send out students from its care with no particularly useful skills.
  2. Top 1% … and the government teat.
  3. Oh, and that growing income disparity? Hmmm.
  4. And again, that middle class malaise?
  5. Higher taxation and higher revenue.
  6. A point missed here.
  7. “Never at the same time of course” … and what besides your own conscience stopped you? Nothing, I suspect.
  8. Recovery of energy from braking.
  9. Cinema!
  10. rider? Hey! That “pushed the amendment to Obamacare that required CLASS to be actuarially sound to be implemented:” should be a Constitutional requirement for Congress.” Just CLASS? Why “Just?” Heck every law they publish should be actuarially sound.
  11. Well, I’d vote yes if the drive was to put the above into an Amendment. Otherwise, no.
  12. Stupid stupid stupid. Grandma is not the problem.
  13. The OWS and anti-Semitism meme dismissed.
  14. Pot calls kettle black.
  15. Like I said, kettle is black.
  16. Some words for the Romney skeptics.
  17. Push “post” and go to jail.
  18. This will be discussed at the water cooler today.

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