Well,  running a little late, I’m “on vacation” at home today, i.e., the day off. I, err, slept in.

  1. Geek, ya’ think?
  2. About that thing you have
  3. Farce and art.
  4. Seriously?
  5. Bike sans fork.
  6. Oh, please … Marvel mutants aren’t proxies for gays and such, it’s a connect with generic teenage feelings of alienation. Duh. “Dad you just don’t understand me at all!” isn’t a teenage plea that is exclusive to gays.
  7. Come on, that’s just cruel.
  8. biopic.
  9. Uhm, that’s a really really bad metaphor … letting the Trojan horse allowed the sack of the city, rapine of the women and sale of the people into slavery. And that’s touted as a good thing.
  10. Do the poor benefit? Well, alas, yes quite a bit.
  11. Mr Cain’s accusers linked?

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