Good, err, day.

  1. Noodle tech, in my household from my grad school days when they were a staple at 7 for one dollar, they are known as “papa noodles.”
  2. Regulation pretending to spur employment just raising costs and killing actual productivity.
  3. A correction to the “spending” problem … if spending to fix the recession means real investment then temporary stimulus ain’t gonna help.
  4. Atheists attempting to be clever, not successfully.
  5. On atheists and their hermeneutic, this has been my experience as well the people I’ve actually interacted with who stick to a “literal” reading hermeneutic have been atheists.
  6. likely suggestion.
  7. The gravity of the situation.
  8. Wealth is never “created” by theft and fraud. It might be collected, not created.
  9. Obamacare glitch?
  10. Transcarpathia.
  11. Just going for a jog.
  12. Bias in academia, an example. Oh, and how not to argue in favor or public schooling over homeschooling.
  13. Fall and invasion … symptom or cause.
  14. For your Christmas tree a little math for the occasion.
  15. An OWS sympathizer talks about the now that it’s over status.

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