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  1. So, from the government’s point of view, is there no important difference between a person without a child and couple with a child(ren)?
  2. A book noted, which I guess touches on evolution quite a bit.
  3. Song.
  4. Civil war or not? Does it matter?
  5. The nut for the GOP to crack.
  6. No. It’s not a “war crime”, or OK, maybe it’s a “war crime” (with scare quotes) but doesn’t rise to the level of war crime.
  7. So, do  you want to buy some? It’s real good shit, man. (literally)
  8. So, defenders. Do you want to cite some actual Washington venture capital successes?
  9. The innumerate candidate. It was a tie, move on, ever hear of error bars, eh?
  10. Ms Jolie’s new film and the land it portrays.
  11. You know, at the beginning of the concert when they announce “turn your cell phones off” that doesn’t mean “put it in airplane mode” and now you know why.
  12. Global warming silliness. Which brought a consideration to mind, it occurs to me that the AGW alarmists really think that the issue isn’t just a demographic shift moving peoples about as areas of arable land shift about on the planet, but that they think that human life on the planet is in jeopardy. That’s just nonsense. I wonder if they realize that.
  13. That high risk pool, bad numbers on both ends.

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