Good morning.

  1. So … if you hear (or gasp, repeat) that 98% of Catholic women use birth control … just remember to support that statement you have to be a liar or just plain dumb.
  2. Braaaaap.
  3. Mr Lin basketball phenom?
  4. Democrats … against democracy?
  5. How Mr Obama approaches the budget deficit … make it as big as possible as fast as possible?
  6. Inconvenient fact for the anti-piracy crowd.
  7. I overheard this from an airport news TV … One fact struck me, apparently the Justice was robbed for $1k in cash at knifepoint. Who carries $1k in cash as walking around money? That seems just a bit excessive.
  8. Credit ratings.
  9. Of Mr Nixon and Mr Reagan.
  10. eSchool.
  11. A principled man.
  12. Free market supporter he is not.
  13. Mr Obama and South America?

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