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  1. Chicago, home of our President, on top?
  2. Perceptions and realities, part one.
  3. Another here.
  4. Somebody somewhere very confused as to how an infusion of hundreds of billions of (free) taxpayer dollars might help your company.
  5. Child abuse and cover-up.
  6. Faith healing.
  7. Not a socialist … so what is someone who thinks controlling for excess profits is part of normal ordinary market methods?
  8. FOX for racist lowlifes (on the right)? We’ll be waiting for his “MSNBC for bigoted lowlifes” link.
  9. Speaking of bigots … I found this quote interesting ” Tebow is a theocrat, so reasonable people – even including other believers – find him to be an odious, thick-skulled ass” … uhm, exactly how/why do you come to the conclusion that Mr Tebow is a theocrat? Point to one quote actually from him that lends any credence to that statement, or perhaps “odious thick-skulled” might apply better to the blogger not the football player.
  10. Oil and recession.
  11. Pattern and predator.

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