Good morning.

  1. Magic decoder ring?
  2. How we have not progressed in 140 years?
  3. Cinema.
  4. Apparently Mr Derbyshire ruffled some feathers, here’s one sympathetic take.
  5. Gas prices.
  6. National debt.
  7. Middle of the road-sitter, on the Zimmerman/NBC tape edit.
  8. Don’t sneeze.
  9. So, can private clubs choose their own membership criteria.
  10. Countering the prevailing notions on education and religion.
  11. An unusual choice on a “sexual orientation” multiple guess, uhm, quiz?
  12. Mr Holder is blind and deaf. Why? He thinks Congress acts with “deliberate judgement.” He apparently has never seen Congress in action.
  13. Two twins to confound the race theorists and racists alike.

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