It is Good Friday for the Eastern Church (hence me). East and West are one week off this year.

  1. Evidence of a horrible maths educationUncountable? No. The set of English words is actually finite, which is not even countably infinite (like the natural numbers).
  2. How to never be bored. Practice skillz.
  3. So, an Obama lie? or is he unaware of his income or the contents of the bill?
  4. Akin to the burning bush?
  5. Probably not as damaging to ones reputation as being menaced by a rabbit while canoeing.
  6. A thought experiment, kind of like the torture one I posed years ago (which was “is it torture if neither interrogator or victim remember the event”)
  7. A Marine who had not been not forthcoming about his prior career to his mates (and why).
  8. One more from the military front, but hey, you saw that as frontline news already on ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, &etc. Right?
  9. Breaking news, cats play with their food. Oh, wait … that’s not news is it.
  10. Quite rightly went out of fashion” (hack spit) What!?
  11. Texas and weather.
  12. “We think it’s important” is not a limiting principle (which is still out missing apparently).
  13. The Dale.
  14. Search engine advice for dining.

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