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  1. Let’s see, if a few percent change in a “part-per-million” gas can change climate can sucking many megawatts out of air movement and changing wind patterns change it? Hmm.
  2. World War II and an obit.
  3. The use of a second language, use it to consider the pros and cons of your nuptials?
  4. This blog series is a lot of fun. Here’s part 1part2, and part 3.
  5. Queen Tamar.
  6. Now that the President has decided to hype is “Obama slaying” in the partisan election campaign … details come out that aren’t exactly helpful to his hype.
  7. Air vs air and air vs mud.
  8. Ms Warren and  on again/off again minority status.
  9. Beef, birth, and micro-economics.
  10. Deft.
  11. An insight into why the “world building” in Hunger Games was scant. (hint: it wasn’t the point)
  12. Sleep (deprivation) and perception.

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