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  1. Irrespective of the contents of this particular debate, I think Ms Althouse is spot on in noting that any argument that depends/blends on personal anecode is cheapened and weakened. So why is it so often used?
  2. Of tea leaves and primaries.
  3. And this primary? What of it?
  4. A revenue neutral tax? Hows that work? Sounds like no tax at all. Or a linguistic dodge. You can have a revenue neutral tax policy, which entails manipulations of a number of different taxes raising some and lowering others. But you can’t, for example, enact a revenue new tax and have it not be 0. That’s mathematically impossible.
  5. A long way of saying pointing out what should be obvious, that the high wage earning management types … work really hard. The pretense is that they don’t work or work very little. That’s amazingly far from the truth.
  6. Our state considers its next encroachments on freedom.
  7. Reading this, I was wondering if never-had-cable are considered akin to cable cutters?
  8. 900k signatures for recall, 1/3 of which didn’t bother even voting in the primary. Odd that.
  9. Wrapping up our maths fun for the last week or so.
  10. Oh, stop trying to make sense of political rhetoric.
  11. Fashion.

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