I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial day (at least those in the (US not in retail)).

  1. The test approaches, fun with groups.
  2. Guns, technology, and considerations of unintended consequences.
  3. Up and coming blog post materiel.
  4. A cunning plan … if there ever was one such.
  5. Terror makes its next move on the strategic board.
  6. An unfortunate glitch for the argument that the reason for abortion is lack of contraception.
  7. An expert looks at the Zimmerman/Martin kerfuffle and evidence and suggests that Mr Zimmerman will be exonerated.
  8. Well, the US figured out pretty darn quickly that a loose Confederacy of States wouldn’t work well, the EU is finding out why the hard way.
  9. Death and the gulag in 2012.
  10. Lean logistics in the 1860s.
  11. Our foreign policy and hard choices not made (extemporizing is not the hard choice).
  12. My opponent is an idiot is a yet another rhetorical fallacy. Or is it worse? The operating assumption that disagreements in our world stem from incomplete knowledge is very flawed.
  13. Is outrage. And my local defender of regulation-is-a-good-thing should be chastened.

For Memorial Day.

  1. From one of the best conservative prose poets.
  2. flyer.
  3. Meta-links.
  4. poster.
  5. A photo.
  6. This photo I found the most striking.

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