Woo hoo. I’m still here. Actually, weekend travel + Monday I was on site all day sans Internet, and then I’ve come down with laryngitis and between trying to work and sleep blogging has taken the hit.

  1. Circumcision and Germany, two views here and here.
  2. Magic … the interesting inclusion of “contagion” prompted me to link this … sounds kind like quantum entanglement, eh?
  3. Unimpressed by a TV mini-series.
  4. And a film review.
  5. A thank you from Mr Barnett … I’d link a thank you from the other side of the aisle but didn’t find one. Is that to be expected? Why?
  6. Big gun.
  7. Speaking of guns (and bikes!?).
  8. Economists you like.
  9. The EU and unexpected exit advice.
  10. Hunting for the honest liberal with respect to “judicial activism”?
  11. Having a bad day … nature edition.
  12. Freedom and university.
  13. Chicago and stupidity around gun laws.
  14. Modify the past to effect predictions is not warranted, …. right?
  15. First birther. Heh.
  16. Statistics of violent encounters.

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