Good morning.

  1. Pastoring is personal.
  2. You didn’t build that, err, those … meets the homily.
  3. For the Ms Palin fans.
  4. I’m mystified by what is meant by the last sentence of this post.
  5. A bumper sticker appreciated.
  6. I guess the Midwest is not the only place with drought.
  7. Of Mr Muller and BEST … a response from someone whose looked at the numbers.
  8. Regarding the second link …. uhm, hello? Men’s and women’s gymnastics have two shared and 6 non-shared events. Duh. If women gymnasts were doing pommel horse and rings … the top gymnasts would look a lot more like the men.
  9. A libertarian surprised by Mr Romney?
  10. More on Mr Romney here.
  11. Of outsourcing and wages and the end result … (pretty!).
  12. There are patents as protection and the abuse of IP (witness Apple/Samsung/Motorola/Oracle et al). But hey, you can pretend black and white never mix.
  13. A coda for my little post on Mr Obama’s post Aurora gun vs reform choice of words.
  14. What reform needs to address, that is the causes of these: here and here.
  15. It’s just one war.
  16. To keep in remind when discussing the Chick-fil-A kerfuffle.
  17. Cthulhu goes to Damascus.
  18. Faint praise for the President.
  19. Politics, Marxism and the Olympics opening ceremonies.
  20. Back history and a Wisconsin Congressmen often in the news.

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