I’m going to be working early this week.

  1. But we can start off with some verse.
  2. “An atheist” abandons (silliness) doesn’t mean they all do. Next … maybe they’ll come around to realizing the foundations of their precious enlightenment and scientific revolution was Christian in origin.
  3. Inventing ritual and rite didn’t work in post-revolutionary France. Those who don’t know history, condemned to repeat.
  4. Camouflage … do y’all approve? Good idea or not?
  5. When politics becomes a thing defining enemies … keep these handy.
  6. Some striking photographs.
  7. Arrgh. Faster to production … please? And speaking of faster
  8. Why even think of doing a hit piece at all? It makes no sense at all to me.
  9. Not-so-deadly weapons.
  10. Religion and our drive-by media.
  11. A picture makes an argument.
  12. Remember the Obama Cairo thing, where he talked up the accomplishments of Islamic science? In this context, that sounds like talking up the new discoveres in treatment of hypothermia advanced by Dr Mengele.
  13. Free speech and academia? Not so much any more. And guess what … it’s not just academia.
  14. The placard linked is not unrelated to the above.
  15. Obama continues lying. Gosh … what a surprise.
  16. Norway and its police.
  17. Drones not in the sky.

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