Well, … life intrudes.

  1. Ah, some suggestions for Mr Romney for the first debate.
  2. On those cricket races.
  3. So, still no mention of the magical Obama roadmap to a nuclear (weapon) free world.
  4. (One) Religious freedom returns to Germany.
  5. Death of a bad man noted (HT: CB)
  6. “Call me a Luddite” … no I’ll call myself confused as to why the person named as the architect of one of the reasons for the success of the 9/11 attacks still has a job in Washington (recall her “wall of separation” between agencies was one of signal factors blamed for our failure to detect the actors).
  7. Let’s re-write history … or not.
  8. Flower children.
  9. A book noted.
  10. Land of the free? Or incipient police state.
  11. When speaking with others.
  12. A question not answered well to my knowledge.
  13. Administration lies and the liberal echo chamber hasn’t noticed.

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