Ooh, in the office today … for a while.

  1. The debate as seen by/from France.
  2. Garbage.
  3. Porn of sorts, here and here.
  4. Automation, why food, clothing and other goods are is cheap today while medical care remains expensive.
  5. Irony and wit from Iran — really.
  6. Why would an incumbent admit to burying and ignoring the majority of his listeners? Oh, who was it? Never mind.
  7. Obamacare looking more and more like a cunning plan.
  8. A report on the beginning of the debate from an academic sociopath.
  9. He watched something else, I read books and worked out.
  10. Libya.
  11. Einsteins most famous equation (relation?) revisited.
  12. Remember more detainment means you don’t have to kill them all. So why is less detainment seen by the left as more ethical?
  13. A book noted.
  14. Mr Obama and his Volt.

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