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  1. Keep burning-at-the-stake those who confess and whistleblow … and the outcome will be?
  2. My collegiate experience would vindicate that, one caveat, you have to work hard enough at up to going to sleep so that your sleeping self will work on it.
  3. I was going to say, alcohol was involved, but the first comments indicates that was not true? However, impairment remains on the table, I should think.
  4. Liberals and their hard to shake postulates. (note: this isn’t to say that conservatives, or anyone else, doesn’t have hard-to-shake postulates that are wrong, so don’t go whistling up that tree)
  5. A good final send off question. Why?
  6. Word search.
  7. And a book noted.
  8. Make that books noted, here’s another.
  9. So, was the health tax on tanning beds a sly stab at the gym membership -> conservative conversion effect?
  10. Thumbs up on this end.
  11. Today will tell? Uhm, no .. the day that will tell is a Tuesday in early November.
  12. Myth and consequence.
  13. For the cricket race followers.

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