Hokay, what’s out there for us today?

  1. New light tech for one.
  2. Canonizing a leper.
  3. The left, it seems, can put their smug “we look at data, unlike you all, because we’re oh, oh, oh, so rational and you aren’t” and stuff it.
  4. Trickle down tech comes to the long gun.
  5. So … people who make arguments for campaign finance reform … are they all over this?
  6. Is this the real fiscal cliff?
  7. Some humor for your Monday morning.
  8. That’s just wrong.
  9. No, it would not “have been better to discuss the connections” because there aren’t any plausible connections to be made.
  10. A lovely quote on love.
  11. So, seriously (unlike TIME), who would you propose for person of the year?
  12. The Mandarins are doing well.
  13. And some advice for joining the Mandarin class.

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