Good morning.

  1. Media bias … 1k people gather that’s news (if it’s a liberal cause) 500k gather … not news because it’s not a liberal cause.
  2. Or maybe it’s not bias.
  3. Not Carbon … whoops.
  4. Police tech.
  5. Deceit and election tactics.
  6. What do you have to lose?
  7. Government motors … not doing so well strategically speaking.
  8. On safety netting.
  9. Some notes on the much abused anthropic principle.
  10. Newsflash, museums have been doing that for 40 years.
  11. An accusation of liberal racism.
  12. Apparently I’m ornery. Certainly there are day’s on which my girls would concur.
  13. Pretzels in Congressional testimony.

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