Hello all.

  1. How to reign in the Norks. China?
  2. Polycarp.
  3. Is this another response the “to bad I’m not Emperor” meme?
  4. This seems to be a straw man argument … I mean, who is arguing otherwise?
  5. This link was down earlier, but will hopefully be back … why women at the frontlines might not be wise.
  6. 10 billion insuring 10 trillion … innumeracy at large in finance.
  7. A better “it’s for the children” thing. OK OK. I don’t like the word “thing” there. What might be better?
  8. Ice.
  9. Cheese is a problem there … but there are two kinds of people out there, those who eat anchovies and those who don’t. Most people, unlike myself, are in the second category.
  10. Liberals don’t want people with training. Apparently.
  11. Mental exercise for today, recast that short essay as minimum productivity limits not as a wage limit.
  12. What evidence? Seriously. Evidence? Where?
  13. Obama’s personal view on guns.
  14. Yikes.

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