1. Seems to me the logic problem (I figure about 51% btw) is that “one daughter is a girl born on Friday” doesn’t preclude the other daughter from also being a daughter born on Friday. The other child’s birth day and sex is unconstrained.  The probability any given child is born female is 51% if memory serves. (One coinflip was heads on a Monday what’s the chance that my other flip was tails?)
  2. Well, this may be a problem … but at least Mr Obama’s recent promise broken/lie isn’t at issue (after all he never promised his healthcare reforms would not cause job lose).
  3. Examining drug development.
  4. A boat and a typhoon.
  5. Bat-zappers.
  6. The car I’d really really like to own and drive when it comes out, but the boneheads in Washington most likely won’t let me.  There is no excuse for this rampant stupidity.
  7. Art meets the modern Political Correctness.
  8. The iceberg tip.
  9. A science lesson for the global warming alarmists (and those think any science is settled on either side).


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