Well, I’m back to exercising regularly, and when I added the Clean Week (first week of Lent) services-every-night to my schedule, blogging went south. Which means it is likely that Holy week will suffer similarly at this spot. Links are backed up. So … without further ado

  1. One post on the Ukraine.
  2. Moral lessons for other countries in similar situations.
  3. A question posted to the left of the aisle.
  4. At hourly wages … that’s a lot of money for little business. In the “real world” they’d be bankrupt. Alas, they’re working for the government so the bankruptcy is just moral.
  5. And for their anticipated not-profits, a 5 billion dollar bailout already planned.
  6. Heh.
  7. This is not “a truly appalling story”, if true, a whole passel of school administrators should be rotting in jail after having the crap beat out of them. If I was that girl’s father, I’d be on the warpath with my new life’s purpose to ruin the lives of a bunch of idiot.
  8. Speaking of which, a little more “taking of law” in to own hands leads to this nonsense.
  9. Creativity? or not.
  10. homily.
  11. An anti-drug campaign.
  12. Drones, fun for everyone.
  13. Blech!
  14. A dad grows up.
  15. On death panels.
  16. An unintended consequence of Obamacare, many more doctors running for the opposition party.
  17. So, the IRS scandal “nothing to hide” which is why emails are not being passed on and Ms Lerner (having been fired) takes the fifth.
  18. Tech and teaching.

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