So dinner was late (after the evening workout) … and subsequently my blog-read time before bed became read-a-little. Anyhow, links?

  1. Some more thoughts on the NBA/Clippers kerfuffle.
  2. Betcha he muffs it.
  3. “Improve the current process” uhm, ever heard of a gun? They are quite reliable and inexpensive.  And, while I proposed this somewhat in jest years ago, I often think it might be the solution. Who about a federal statute limiting the applicability of capital punishment to those who profess belief in the afterlife.  (more on that here … including some background on the inmate for whom a botched execution is something of a logical consequence of his crime).
  4. Speaking of legal issues. This vid has been making the rounds. And it highlights a need for caning or whipping for people who pull crap like that (see also “depends on what the definition of what “is” is”). How about a statute, you pull that crap and you get a dozen with a cat-o-nine. After you’re out of the hospital you can return to your deposition.
  5. Location, location, location. Heh.
  6. So. If that descriptions sounds like a job you’d love, come on in. It is in fact the job I love.
  7. That looks like a very cool idea, until you realize storage/transmission losses probably are higher than mechanical ones.
  8. Speaking of cool …
  9. A loss of one of the great ones.
  10. A voice returns to the blogosphere. In an (alas) interesting place.
  11. The only thing strange is how much you liberal big government types misunderestimate how much many hate the welfare state.
  12. Libertarian stupid notions (the open borders nonsense) meets the real world consequence of same.
  13. Oh. Joy.
  14. Against puzzles for the ageing brain.

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