1. or go play soccer. Sounds like the right answer.
  2. Foreign policy.
  3. Deontology (I think) and lying.
  4. So, being incredibly stupid can be illegal.
  5. Sooo soo shtupid. The Palin haters probably are cringing.
  6. Demographics.
  7. Guess I’ve gone over to be part of the problem, eh?
  8. Heh.
  9. This is in the news. On the other hand, if something which occurs is easily predicted that means it’s not exactly an unintended consequence.
  10. Going back the bandwidth question … it the internet faster than a station wagon of (these or 128gig micro-SD) driving to the West coast faster or slower than the Internet.
  11. Booze.
  12. Forgetting he murdered young girl(s?) by burying them alive.
  13. Hamster fun.

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