Hmm. Feels like Wednesday already. Yikes. Must have been a long day.

  1. Ms Clinton on guns. So, what does one of these liberal chuckleheads say when asked, “So, over the last 20 years gun ownership has steadily risen and gun violence has steadily fallen. What is this thing you think you need to fix?” Seriously. Why do they push this nonsense?
  2. The beltway gets the press it deserves.
  3. For the dirty deed’s done dirt cheap as a long term job opportunity.
  4. But here’s how not to do it.
  5. Exactly. Actually the PC speech thing is an interesting paradox. Those PC speakers typically despise the Victorian and the Victorian ethos. Yet they have appropriated their methods. A primary thesis behind the Victorian emphasis on manners (and if you don’t see a parallel between manners and PC speech rules you aren’t watching) was that correct the manners and the thoughts and interior ethics will follow the habits so engendered. How many PC speech enthusiasts like those applauding the Eich/Sterling/&c kerfuffles also reject that same Victorian thesis.
  6. picture perfect illustration why “education” on contraception isn’t the fix it is pretends to be.
  7. Moving on up, err, out.
  8. Oh, please. Get real.
  9. Freedom of speech is not (not not not not) a “collective” right.
  10. Which is why laws like this likely will not stand.

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