Wooh. Light at the end of the tunnel … one more day of silly hours (then travel and work Saturday). Ain’t life grand?

  1. Unemployment measured before the thought police got put in charge of the government. Kinda like how the census just “happened” to change how it measured important Obamacare metrics so the next data set will not be comparable with past ones for judging the effectiveness of the program (or should that be programme).
  2. Speaking on Obamacare, here’s how it’s bending that cost curve. First of many would be my prediction.
  3. Other news on that front here.
  4. Two on the Sterling kerfuffle, here and here.
  5. Wonder why bike racing is awesome? Go no further and just watch.
  6. Oy vey! The mountains are moving because of global warming  (Yikes! Catastrophic! Skary!)…. uhm wait. A 6000 foot mountain has a measureable .. 1-3 millimeter height variation (out of a seasonal 2cm shift) and that’s something that is …. well, move on. Nothing to see here (literally). (and by the by, the “human” cause of that  … just unsubstantiated rubbish).
  7. More climate news here.
  8. Country or not-country?
  9. Yikes.
  10. Drug tests.
  11. “Russia had serfs long after everyone else had abandoned serfdom” … uhm, Russia freed the serfs concurrent with the start of the Civil War. I mean, there are lots regrettable things that you can pin on Russia in her history (see 20th century) but the mock serf thing at a time when you had slaves? That makes no sense.
  12. Well, to be honest, physicists have been returning (absent evidence) to super-symmetry for 50 years so far … not because of new evidence but because it is (a) cool and (b) solves a lot of vexing problems.
  13. Hmm. I thought the saying was “out of the mouths of babes … come all manner of things.”

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