Well, back in Georgia. Probably still very busy. Go-Live tomorrow morning.

  1. Getting cooperation in foreign affairs, a tale of two Presidents.
  2. On that topic, here’s a rumination on a possible theme, Bush made a mistake in Iraq (and highlights the error) compounded and made worse by Mr Obama.
  3. But don’t lose this point.
  4. When goverment forgets what rights mean and who’s working for whom.
  5. Why identity isn’t substance or property, but ontology and relationship.
  6. Missing repentance in a list.
  7. Recent Lerner lie lost the left. Probably only the loons remain on that fence-post.
  8. Some meta-linking but that billboard (and response) is a hoot.
  9. Anyone surprised?
  10. Explody stuff.
  11. One way to explain the popularity of climate alarmism.
  12. What is ISIS?
  13. On not quitting.
  14. scholastic experiment.


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