A little late, ’cause feedly seemed to be down.

  1. Voter Id coming back into the news.
  2. But this probably won’t be. Hopefully, ’cause it sounds like sound and fury signifying very little.
  3. Works for me. And I should be ashamed, I guess.
  4. That right/left ire, a clue to a possible cause.
  5. More Clinton backstory.
  6. Sexual “harassment” and poorly thought out guidelines.
  7. A book noted.
  8. Something for the affirmative action fans.
  9. The party ‘gainst women.
  10. No.
  11. So. There’s a “border crises”. Lots of talk. Allegedly for some reason which nobody seems to talk about suddenly (?) thousands of unaccompanied minors are flooding across our southern border. Why? It seems odd to me that nobody at all seems to be talking about that. When you have a bacterial infection you take antibiotics and not drugs to combat fever. Because that’s the root cause.

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