So, emergency run Sunday night through today to a customer site. Ahm back.

  1. To distinguish from the amphibian crises.
  2. A description of liberal attitudes.
  3. Summertime homework.
  4. Grist for the marriage discussion.
  5. Sounds likely, although I think the correlation is that increased wealth leads to more consumption and wealth tracks also with green.
  6. Two dismal wizards disagree.
  7. Qualified is not a high on the Democratic voter’s list of concerns.
  8. When I was growing up, reading the books, honor was important and I still think it is. Killing your children however doesn’t remotely connect with any notion of honorable actions that I’ve ever heard of. It would be nice if the right meaning of honor became the primary one again.
  9. Tis true.
  10. He rode and tried to get back in the bunch for almost an hour. Remember that.
  11. suspect caffeine and alcohol and sugar aren’t on this list.
  12. Put these two posts together, here and here.
  13. A book noted. another one of a different sort.

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