1. When emoticon’s converse … my guess this isn’t the conversation most people think they’re going to be having.
  2. Looking back.
  3. Google maps (or Earth) meets Xenophon’s travels.
  4. One in six … and most of that “one” work for the city.
  5. The politics of fear.
  6. An interesting take on the Mr Polanski kerfuffle. One more here and that will do it on that topic for me.
  7. This story got a lot of repeats as well, and if true, then that will be yet another indictment against the performance of Mr Obama.
  8. Transformation of a story, Siddhartha and Christian tradition.
  9. Dissecting Mr Obama’s energy tax.
  10. Healthcare.
  11. A homily on costs.
  12. One way of looking at the question, “Who is this Jesus fellow anyhow?”
  13. It’s a much bigger problem if convicted than just arraigned.
  14. Not quite a giga-pixel.
  15. This reminds me I still have to watch last weeks episode of Dollhouse.

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