1. Bouncing around on a mat.
  2. Humility and transformation.
  3. Outrage? Well, yes, because it wouldn’t be true.
  4. A little word play.
  5. On campaign finance, the regulations do the reverse of the intent, which is not an unusual situation I’d offer, e.g., affirmative action.
  6. Key matchups for Sunday.
  7. A questioned asked, namely “Is it true that the Inquisition was actually less likely to use torture than some secular courts of the time?” which if the answer is yes or “the same” would puncture a lot of preconceptions and stock arguments.
  8. Well, I looked but didn’t see either (a) the “filthy and inappropriate” implied joke or to be hones (b) any joke/humor at all.
  9. Huh? Again, I don’t get it.
  10. Maybe this offers a hint as to why.
  11. If Google were government owned
  12. Flowers at the feet of the Virgin.
  13. Looking (back) at the Obama/Alito kerfuffle.

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