Good morning.

  1. Stimulus irony.
  2. Gitmo in the news.
  3. BP’s payment and consequence.
  4. Transplants and an interesting development.
  5. The future of skin art?
  6. A different way to look at H/S cultures. A few months ago I was considering the thesis (I still am) that H/S cultures are happier, just not wealthier, than the Western individualistic one. Perhaps the “more natural” fit with human nature is the reason why.
  7. A VC threesome, on the individual mandate and Constitutional considerations, the historical origins of the separation of Church and State in US jurisprudence, and why lawyers seem to prefer technicalities to ethics.
  8. Scary tales.
  9. Two links to Serbia and cinema.
  10. Speaking of cinema, a film everybody should see noted.
  11. Heh.
  12. One of the consequences of progressives insistence on ‘good racism’, is that they need to constantly maintain their artificial hierarchal victimology.
  13. Brain drain, democracy and the third world.

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