Yo. Links?

  1. book noted, still in my inbox.
  2. Some lessons forgotten in peacetime.
  3. Some science and short animations.
  4. Tax money wasted.
  5. An Evangelical and the East.
  6. As a Rightie who “supports” him (in the sense of don’t fire/suspend), that one supports the right of a man to say a thing doesn’t (oddly enough) mean you support what he says. That seems to be lost on the linked blogger.
  7. Some income inequality for discussion.
  8. Missing a major point, that is, the reason that civilians are being targeted it because the rebels dress like and hide among the same. War crimes beget the same, but the original crime it seems can be laid at the feet of rebels.
  9. Remember this.
  10. A meaningless statement by the Democrat organ of record noted.
  11. An elephant does the high hurdles. There’s a lesson here on government eptitude.
  12. After all, the more time a doctor spends doing paperwork/data entry the better off we’ll all be, according ACA supporters is yet another one of their non-economic economic claims. Kinda like taxes on new medical equipment development will spur the same.


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