So. Spring seems to be slowly springing.

  1. Spartacus is on form. Woo!
  2. I’d imagine so, if you thought liberals were consistent. Heh.
  3. The Mozilla fallout continues, noted herehere, and here.
  4. Of course, things could be worse.
  5. If that’s the story, more stupidity in our educational system.
  6. Of ignorance and politics.
  7. Insurance (and un-)  rates.
  8. Going with the Sarge, “not awesome”.
  9. Our President and liberal press, disloyally serving the cause of disinformation, alas, effectively.
  10. Dodd-Frank and obvious yet apparently unintended consequences. One (should) wonder how, if a consequence is clearly going to happen how it is not intentional.
  11. No. The “idiots” didn’t win, the idiot has a talk show.
  12. Now there’s something to celebrate.j
  13. Ghostbusters and real science.
  14. A lesson for the President.


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