The Ends Justify the High-Tech Lynching
The Limbaugh "Phony Soldiers" Kerfuffle
Two-Party System, Like It or Not
A Cop-out of Biblical Proportions
Ben Stein on Intelligent Design
Serial Divorcers and the Divorce Rate
Change Begins With Us
The Bulletproof Backpack
Telling Comedy From Reality
A Win for Religious Displays
Free Speech for Thee, But Not for Me...Sort of
TV Screen Clutter
Unintentional Humor
Our Standing In The World
Evolutionary Theory Challenged By Fossils
Democratic Candidates Continue to Show Partisanship
When the Polls Don't Match the Narrative
Early Thoughts on 2008
Six Years After
Author Madeleine L'Engle Has Died
He Who Pays is In Control
Another Giant of the Christian Right Passes: James Kennedy Dead at 76
Some Gems from a Very Old Blogroll
Another Accountability Moment
Religious Offense: A Comparison
Remains of The Second Jewish Temple Found?
Green Evangelicals No One's Political Patsy: My Op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
It Should Have Come as No Surprise
Private vs Public Disaster Relief: Which Works Faster?
Conscience and the Pro-Choice Christian
More on the Possible Aguilera Pro-Life Position
Big Decline in Poverty Rate: Good for Compassionate Conservatism; Bad for Edwards Campaign
A Forced Moral Equivalence
Covering the Genocide...Or Not
Pro-life Activism from Unexpected Quarters: Artists Slam Amnesty’s Abortion Shift
Christians & Political Parties: A Response to Anne Rice, Part 2
Christians & Political Parties: A Response to Anne Rice, Part 1
Inspiring Speeches: Washington, Bush, Colson and Cuomo
Early Michigan Primary Should Help Romney
Use the Vick Dogfighting Case to Prompt the End of the Blood Sport in America
A Review of Arctic Tale
Artificial Life
A Republican Woman for Vice President 2008
Huckabee's Moment?
Democrats Failing on the Religion Front; Candidates Trying God Talk
Al-Qaida Is in Iraq
Eyes Wide Open at Venezuela
Michael Gerson is Not Only a Great Writer But a Man of Character
Are Hispanics the New Republicans?
Can Guiliani Find Middle Ground in Abortion Debate?
Actions Are Better Than Offsets
Washington Post Understates Evangelical Movement on Climate
Helpful News: Sunni Fighters Seeking Alliances with U.S. Troops
A Tale of Two Texts
A Summertime Iraq Bombshell from Brookings
Live By the Polls, Die By the Polls
China's Economic Threat
Media Hall of Shame
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!
More on Olympian Pressure on China
Calling for an Evangelical Voice at the Beijing Olympics
Could a Same-Sex Divorce Result In Same-Sex Marriage?
The Salvation Army at the Minneapolis Bridge Disaster
Comments Return
Money Talks
The Roeaux Effect
Name That Scientist
Chavez Slips Down the Slope
New Blog
About Face!
Indoctrination In The Classroom
Sunni and Shia Brought Together By...
A "Subversive" Film
The Iran Hostage Crisis
Compassionate Common Sense on Immigration
...And the Walls Came Tumblin' Down
Christian Fantasy Literature, Minus Hogwarts
A Million Here, A Million There...
Bee Replaces Mouse as Kiddie Suicide Symbol
How Nuclear Disarmament Should Be Done
Title of the Post
Evangelicals at a Crossroads?
Tell North Korea to Free Son Jong Nam, A Christian Marked for Death Because He Shared His Faith
Gaza, Meet Rock and Hard Place
Quick Takes
What’s Next for Iraq? Breaking the Deadlock
The Democrats Find GodTalk
Disappearing Deficit
Limit Involvement in Beijing Olympics?
Biking for Dollars (for a very important ministry)
Fred Thompson: Lean, Tanned, and (Apparently) Read for the Long Distance Run
The One True Church? Guess Who the Pope Chooses.
Anaylizing the Pope's Pronouncement
The Greatest Threat to World Missions
Don't Miss Southern Baptist Trending on Global Warming
Why They Hate Us
Name That Film
Huckabee for Vice President?
Evangelicals and Moslems Together?
Should Churches Be Allowed to Use School Buildings?
Million Man March Against Terrorism
When Does a Massacre Matter?
Scooter vs. Sandy
NBC, Al Gore, and the Fairness Doctrine
"Chavez and Farfour and Lenin, Oh My!"
The Libby Clemency
Scooter Libby's Commuted Sentence
Resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine
Supreme Court Rules on Faith-Based Initiatives
Liberals Miffed, See Government as Savior
Meet the New Boss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda
Christians Persecuted, Major Christian Group Silent
Only At the UN Does This Pass For "Reform"
Mixing Science and Religion (It Can Be Done)
BBC Internal Report Admist Bias
Congressional Approval Ratings Tank
Deaths During the Iraq War
Book Review: Ten Tortured Words
Speaking Truth to Evil
"Stop Sending Us Aid!"
Will They Step Up and Do the Right Thing?
Dems Demonstrate Why Smaller Government Is Needed
Serve Me, Or Else!
The Real Human Shields
Blogs4God Relaunches
Freedom of Religion Returning to Texas
When Spammers Attack
The Rising Tide Works as Documented
Evangelical Leaders Issue Global Warming Policy Principles
A Dictator in All but Title
Mental Torture in George Bush's America
Global Warming...on Neptune
Digesting the Debate
Remembering Jerry Falwell
Jerry Falwell Dead
An Inconvenient Debate
The Blame Game, CBS Edition
Newsworthy. Or Not.
"Public School? Aren't You Worried About Socialization?"
Fred Thompson's Excellent Adventure
Pope Warns Catholic Politicians Who Back Abortion
"Under God" Gains Ground in Texas
Santorum Validated
Environmentalist Roundup
Big Weekend for Spam
MSNBC: Fair and Balanced?
ABC to Webcast Christian/Atheist Debate
How Did They Survive Before?
Coretta Scott King Memorialized in Israel
Check Your Religious Beliefs at the Door
Religious Freedom, Canadian Style
Gideons Cleared, then Re-Charged
From the Heart
Eight Years Later, We're No Closer
Guns By The Numbers
Supreme Court Upholds Partial Birth Abortion Ban
Another Sad Tragedy
Podcasting Again on Shire Network News
Apologies for "Gay Marriage"
Time For The Media To Do Some Self-Examination
Diabetics Cured with Stem Cells. But What Kind?
Washington, DC
Should Newt Run?
"B.C." Creator Johnny Hart Has Died
IPod a Life Saver?
"House" and Abortion
At Least He Can Poke Fun At Himself....
Wrongfully Accused
Spam Flood Abates, Comment Area Dried Off
"The Other Iraq"
Abstinence Considered Offensive, University Surrenders
Morning Show Gatekeeping
Fred Thompson, Presidential Candidate?
Public Schools Teaching Student to Lie to Parents
German Homeschool Family Update
Democrats Throw Another Tantrum
Comments Back On
Edwards Doesn't Want Your Vote
Evidence of "The Great Misreading"
The Search for "The Real Leaker"
Safe Targets
Being Pro-choice (on Education)
Conservative Conservationists
Prayer Request from Former SCO'er
What's Good for the Goose...
Name That Warmonger
An Amazing Movie: "Amazing Grace"
Religious Freedom Inconvenient for Public Schools
German Govt. Offers Homeschoolers a Deal
Comments Back On
The "Sunni or Shiite" Quiz
UN Gives Hizbollah & Hamas Time to Rearm
Surge in Teacher Sex Abuse Against Students
German Homeschool Parents Get Visiting Rights
New Pro-Life Blog
On Sunnis and Shi'ites
German Homeschool Student Hidden Away
That's Why It's Called a "Law"
How I Learned to Love (the Iranian) Bomb
German Homeschool Student Sent to Psych Ward
Christians and Elections
Same-Sex Marriage Proponents Throw a Tantrum
"Wave of Hatred" at an All-Time High
Comments & Trackbacks Return, and an Upgrade Coming
The Screwtape Letters as a Movie?
Comments & Trackbacks Down
Making Peace With Religion and Sexuality
Religious Freedom Diminished in the UK
A Tale of Two Protests
Scientific "Consensus"
Good News from the Front
Sexual Predators Get Free Reign in Public School
Scooter Making News, But Not Sandy
Punishing Big Oil
Romney Piicks Up Endorsements
Hoping for Failure
Emperor Chavez
FISA Agrees to Bush Admin Reforms
Misrepresenting Climate Policy, the Associated Press Way
If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Regulate ‘Em, Part Deux
Book Review: Christian Theologies of Scripture
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Regulate 'Em
Chavez v the Church
Christians and Government Schools
Chavez Continues Power Grab
Depends on Your Definition of "Village"
God Is In Control (or "Why I Virtually Stopped Blogging and Why I'm Back")
Stem Cells with "Less Baggage"
Faith of our Founders
The DNC, Taxes and Chapped Lips
Comments Re-enabled
Patterico Skewers L.A. Times
Getting Out of the Wild and Into a Mission
Top Religion Stories of 2006 Include the Evangelical Climate Initiative
The True Lord of the Dance
Weblog Awards Voting is Closed
Weblog Awards Voting is Open
God's Gift
The Ship Pounding
Iranian President: World is Flat!
Faith Blogging
"The God Delusion"
The Ingenuity of the American Soldier
2006 Weblog Awards Finalist
The Nanny City Watching Your Diet
Take a Look at Mitt Romney for President
Conservatives and Christians Give More to Charities, ABC says
Smashing the Charity Stereotypes
Ten Ways Media Leaders Can Keep Media Ethics from Becoming an Oxymoron
Mocking Religion, Happy Feet is Not a Friendly Little Film
"I have here in my hand a list"
Without Conscience
But What Can One Do?
Start Your Thanksgiving With YouTube
Getting Personal About Global Warming
Diebold Implicated! (Well, Almost.)
My Father's House
Moses and The Ten ... Amendments?
Diebold Cleared of All Charges
Speaker Pelosi? Maybe Not...
Abortion After the Fact
The Great Misreading
Dear Kids, November 12, 2006
Dear Kids
New Bloggers on the Election
Election Roundup
The Only Issue
Democrats Pick Up Major Endorsement
Pres. of Natl. Assoc. of Evangelicals Steps Aside
Where's the Family-Friendly Sci-Fi?
New Jersey Grants Naming Rights to Public (and a justice to be named later)
German Homeschoolers Update
The View From a Sergeant
Scott Adams, a Cartoonist and a Speech Therapist
Missouri's Cloning Amendment
Bullet-proof Books
Abdul Rahman Still a Marked Man
NBC Responds to Madonna Crucifix Display
Only 68 Days Until Christmas!
GOP Will Expel, Not Censure, Bob Ney
Codependency on the World Stage
The Source of the Next Jihad
Tom Lehrer and Political Satire
Hastert Should Resign
A Pox on Both Their Houses, Yes, But Look Closer, Too
Limbo Cancelled
Affecting the Culture
For the Record
Our Ugly Age
Tough Times for Truth
The Calm Before the (Next) Storm
There's Negative, and Then There's Negative
It's 2006, Not 1998, Perhaps It's Time to Get Serious?
Have Duct Tape, Baling Wire, Will Play in Playoffs
Sanitizing the Veggies
A Story of Forgiveness from Africa
Help Stop Those Who Want to Stop the Dead Woman Redux
That They May Have Life
The Christian Carnival
Possible Peace, Little Trust in Northern Uganda
The "Theocracy" Myth
A Darling of the Left Makes Them Proud
Believe Pictures and The Last Sin Eater
Chavez and the Iranian Thug at the UN
Bringing the Church into Politics
Why I Like Christopher Hitchens
Chaplain Convicted of ... Acting Like a Chaplain
Why I (Still) Hate Polls
Bring In the Backup
Let the Political Paranoia Resume
If Baseball Were Still King
Where Were You, Daddy
9/11 Five Years Later - A Personal Reflection
The Last Cancer Treatment You'll Ever Need
A Forced "Conversion"
Commenting May Resume
Our "Perfect" Future
the anchoress
Greatest Moment in a Movie
Bloodless Christianity
The ACLU vs. America
Plamegate Denouement
Changes in China?
A Solipsistic Trifle
American Neo-Nihilism
The Future of Dissent
Rediscovering Christmas
Dissent is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated
Future Imperfect
A Plea for Christian Environmentalism
Literary Criticism
A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future
Wild-Card Haiku
Outlawing Disagreement Regarding Homosexuality
Back in the Saddle Again
Interesting Psycho-Political Science
The Lost Planet
Wiretap Ruling Panned by Both Sides
When "Cease-Fire" is Spelled "R-E-A-R-M"
How Green is Your Church?
Unconstitutional by Association
A Civil Society Approach to Welfare
NSA Wiretaps Ruled Unconstitutional
The Return of McGovernism
Winners and Losers in the Latest Mideast Conflict
When the Messenger Falls
Playing Politics with People's Lives
Reuters Photo Fraud to Bring Sympathy to Hezbullah
Journalistic Balance and Moral Equivalence
Northern Uganda: A Journey to the Edge of Darkness
Anti-War Left Completes Takeover of Democratic Party
The Mounting Human Cost of a Single Abortion
Thomas Sowell on Cease-Fires
Codes Within Codes
Da Vinci Part Deux
Heat Wave in England
Vacationing in Lebanon?
Not So "Disproportionate" After All
Comments from Blogspot'ters Working Again
Why Did God Create Oil?
It's About Time, Mr. President, but Good Call
How to Liberate Lebanon and Help Secure Israel
Cat, Meet Dog. Dog, This is Cat.
McKinney Faces Runoff
With an Eye to History - The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Highlights from the SCO Blogroll
Stem Cell Roundup
Diplomacy and Christianity in North Korea
Fast-Forward Considered Harmful; Hollywood Stifles Viewer Choice
To Uganda
Georgia Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Upheld
Serve God, Save the Planet
North Korea's Fireworks
The Southern Baptist’s Lame Statement on the Environment
Most Christians Consume Some Christian Media, Just Not Much of It
Would You Bet Your Life on a 30% Failure?
An Illegal Education
Giving Up Land For...What, Exactly?
Your Tax Dollars at Play
Forgiveness Lifts the Chains
Christian Film PG Rating Update
Kim Jong Il's Countdown Clock is Ticking
PCUSA Identity Crisis
An Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore
Are You Accepting Bribes? Your Congressman Would Like To Know.
Remember the Heroes (Even If the MSM Doesn't)
Comments Working...Again
Rated PG for Realistic Depictions of Faith
Zarqawi Eliminated. Good News, Right?
"Why I Published the Muhammad Cartoons"
Why They Really Hate Us
A Talk at Lunch, A Change in Stance
Creating Rights Out of Whole Cloth
Imperfection Will Not Be Tolerated
International Law Hits Home
Enron’s Criminals Should Not Go To Prison; They Should Make Money for Their Victims
A Polar Cap is Not a Presidential Platform
"The Trashing of the Christ"
Press Bungling of Katrina Coverage
Bush’s Belief in Good and Evil
Bible Brawl: Group Disses a Stellar Textbook as Georgia Adopts High School Classes on the Bible
The Myth of Aid
History Repeats Itself
What's Da Big Deal About Da Vinci?
Online Integrity
Name That Spin
Comments Working Again
Criminalizing Dot Collecting
We Have the Technology, But...
"Day of Truth" vs Journalists and Educators
Israel by the Numbers
Some DaVinci Thoughts
A Voice for the Child Victims of War
The Day of Truth
The "Tolerance" of Public Schools
Southern Baptists and Public Schools
Highlights from the SCO Blogroll
ACLU Loses a Ten Commandments Ruling
How Far Do You Trust Them?
Reducing Emissions Without Signing Treaties
"The Da Vinci Delusion"
Prediction: Wrong
The Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship
Facing Down Iran
The Emperor's New Wardrobe Malfunction
Elegant and Meaningful
More Details on the Niger Yellowcake / Saddam Connection
Spammer with a Sense of Humor
The War on Easter
Nukes in Iran Closer Than They Appear
The Entitlement Mindset
God Under the Microscope
Former FISA Judges Discuss the NSA Wiretapping
Buy a Piece of History
Rahman Case Has Its Upsides
Adult Stem Cells Further Prove Their Worth
The Abdul Rahman Case - Is Democracy Dead in Afghanistan?
Ingratitude Isn't a Christian Value
The Message from the Media
Healey for Lt. Gov. of Rhode Island
Let's go to the video tape
Virtual Visitation
Free Heath Care Isn't
Protectionist Labor Laws Don't
Some signals are not as "strong and clear" as they should be
The Politics of Psychology
Vote Fraud in Venezuela - Who Would Have Thought?
Old School
International Energy Games
Good News for Scooter Libby
More Tapes & Docs on Hussein's WMDs
Drivers Education for Blind Students?
Are Democrats Losing the Black Vote?
China: Better or Worse on Religious Freedom
Global Warming "Connect the Dots" Game
Tolerance and Multiculturalism Meet Reality
New Poll Indicates Evangelical Shift on Climate Change, Environmental Concerns
Evangelical Climate Initiative TV & Radio Campaign
Winds of Change in the Evangelical Response to Global Warming?
Returning in a Time of Strange Alliances
Matt Barber Postscript
The Breakdown of the Nuclear Family
Lamott's Leftism
The Boy Scouts are a Religion?
Christian "Music"
Still More on Iraq's WMDs
The Fascinating Pennsylvania Governor's Race
A Letter from Nineva
Abramoff: Not Just a Republican Scandal
"Cartoon Intifadah" Not Backed Up by Islam's History
The Bluster Dies Down
More on the WMD Questions
Julian Bond Mixes His Inflammatory Metaphors
Christians and Movie Criticism
"Cutting Edge" Medicine
Julian Bond Issues Denial...Sort of
The Missing WMDs
If He Were A Republican...
Louisiana Just Said "No"
The Oscars
The Problem We Face
Hamas in an Awkward Situation
Chocolate City Checkin
Theology's Consequences
The Palestinians Under a Magnifying Glass
Virginia to Vote on Gay Marriage Ban
Georgia Goes After Voter Fraud
Google Capitulates to China
Punishment vs. Rehabilitation
Continued Progress in Iraq
Hamas Willing to Negotiate?
Reform Packages Aren't Enough
Christian College Enrollment Up
Washington Post Twists Reporting on Assisted Suicide
School Progress Meets Hurdle
Reading God's Mind. Again.
The Rebuilding of New Orleans
Iran's President Acts Like There's No Tomorrow
Belafonte. Again.
Alexander Hamilton on Federal War Powers
Robertson. Again.
The Abramoff Deal
Ten Commandments Display Ruled Constitutional
Both Sides of the Story
More on NSA Wiretapping
"Warrantless" Searches and Wiretapping - Nothing New
A Tale of Two Trials
Incestuous Pedophilia; The Musical
The 2005 Gererosity Index
Church / State Wall Breach
Democrats: Still Weak on National Security
This Just In; Media is Biased!
The Latest Leaks
Putting the War on Terror In Perspective
Another Letter from the Front
Letter from the Front
US Plans Departure, Iraq Wants Us to Stay
Saudi Influence in American Media?
Narnia: Box Office Savior?
Hearts and Minds
Good News from All Over
Welcome to Self-Government, Iraq
Tax Cuts Raise Federal Revenues
Defending Narnia
Who is C. S. Lewis?
Steyn Nails It
New Poll Results and Why I Don't Care
Continuing the Intelligent Design Debate
Alito and Abortion
The Economics of Profits
The Iraq Not Seen
The Annual Christmas Holiday Season
Derek Webb Mea Culpa
The Peace of Jesus May not Be the "Peace" Desired by the Modern Church
Quick Hits
Pondering the Season
That Which We Hold In Trust
Catch and Release Program to End...But Why Did it Ever Begin?
Derek Webb Interview
Hunter Resolution Post-Mortem
Political Fallout for Opposing Alito
African-Americans and the GOP; Changes Coming?
Setting the Record Straight
Newdow's Latest Target
Final Salute
A Class Act
Zarqawi's Aim is Off
Derb on Torture
Judge Alito's Conservative Credentials
Evangelicals and the Pill
Evangelicals and the Environment
"God or Not" #2
Election Day 2005 - Virginia Governor's Race
Rebuilding a Seminary in New Orleans
Terrell Owens
Muslim Riots in France
Pearce Lectures on Tolkien
New Energy Source?
NFL Question
Poverty in America
Culture Wars
Nathason Lied, 40 Million Died
Why We Need Judicial Reform
Will Alito Cure the Republican Split?
Alito, Bird Flu, and Katrina Recovery
Plame Prediction
Wilson, the French, and Forgeries
Miers Withdraws
Answering My Critics
A New Constitution
Rosa Parks, 1913-2005
My Story of Persusion, Ralph Reed and a Most Favored China
Question of the Day
My Miers Issues
New Narnia Trailer Online
Will v. Hewitt
New Blog from Nancy Pearcey
Devil's Advocate on Coburn Amendment
Evangelicalism Broadens Its View and Its Impact
What if the Miers Nomination is Withdrawn?
The Coburn Amendment
Kindergarten and Constitutional Law
Back to Basics
Maybe Starbucks Is Marketing to Evangelicals....
Those Polls Don't Matter
Condi Comes Home
"No More Christian Nice Guy"
NR and Elitism
Dobson Playin' Politics
Fox, Meet Henhouse
The Troubling Aspect of the Miers Nomination
The Outdoor Bible
Absolutely Infuriating
"Trust Me"
Still Was the Right Thing
Why Strain to Defend a B+?
Greetings from Louisiana!
The Evangelical Crackup
Conservatives and Evangelicals
Is Bush Playing the Long Game?
What's a Worldview and Why Should I Care?
Jumping Off the Train
Fund On Meirs, Land
Back on Top
Last Word on Meirs
An Eloquent Speech on The Bush Doctrine
Hillyer On Meirs
Al Gore on the Media
W on the War
Getting In Line
The Split of the Evangelicals and the Conservative Elite Over Miers
Debate is Good
Reliable Votes
My Questions about Meirs
Standing by Miers and her Evangelical Conscience
All the Proof I Need...
The Reporting in Iraq
Trusting Dubya
Trusting the President on Miers, the Evangelical
First, Protect
Boo on Miers
Harriett Miers Nomination
What’s That in Blogyears?
Roll Tide!
Charlie Weiss - Great Guy
Normalized Polygamy in the Netherlands
Roberts Confirmed as Chief Justice
Media Collapse
Big Promise from Adult Stem Cells
Derb on Dylan
Act Now
Superdome Reporting: Fair, Balanced, and False
Oh, Atlanta!
SCO Must Reads
Have the Hurricanes Helped Guliani's Presidential Hopes?
Playing the Rumor Game
Foursquare Kingdom Building
Snow Daze
Contrasting Views
Hillary's well-played hand
The Market: Why Worship It?
Vegetable Power: An Alternative to Gasoline Guzzling
Game Theory
The New New Deal
DC Bound
A Better Lie Detector
More on Worldviews
Democrats Dazed and Confused on Roberts
Smart Growth: Let the Market Decide
LSU - Overrated?
Red-Staters for Increased Spending?
Pat Robertson
Consumer Confidence and Katrina?
Sitting It Out
Bravo Michelle!
Pope Speaks Out on Homosexual Priests
Revelation Upon Us?
Worldview Pros and Cons
Simon Wiesenthal, 1908-2005
Punish Executive Crooks Without Punishing Ourselves
Gays in the Military
Katrina and Global Warming
Highlights from the SCO Blogroll
Trailer Park King
A Great Speech Moment
Reality Check
Sunset from Space
We Combat Natural Disasters with Acts of God.
Pope's Envoy Struck by "shameful" poverty in "rich America."
Some People Just Need to Chill Out
And Justice For All
Feds Plan Temporary Cities for Evacuees
How to pay for the Katrina programs
An Alternative "New Orleans" Speech
Humility: An Essential Leadership Quality
Federal Judge Rules Pledge Unconstitutional
Judge Roberts and the Importance of Precedent
DeLay Jumps the Shark
Time to Raise Taxes!
The Roberts Hearing: Day One
Eagles - Falcons
College Football Talk
Katrina and Judgment
More Good Katrina News
Was Katrina God's Judgement?
Katrina response was slow...compared to what?
A Busy September 11
Stafford Act: Presidential Has Unilateral Power to "Take Charge"?
The Conservative Voice
Some Thoughts on FEMA
FEMA Chief Relieved of Katrina Command
Conservatives out of Touch with Middle America?
The Debate on How to Fix Governmental Failure
Kids Need Moms
The Giving Culture
Planned Parenthood Exploits Katrina
Good News on the Katrina Front
Where was the food & water?
No Excuse for Feeding Racial Hatred
ESPN Makes a Mistake
Still a Time to Give
The Continuing Air America Scandal
A Dozen Thoughts on the Katrina Crisis Thus Far
Gay Marriage Bill Passes in CA
School Starts in One Year
Federal Accountability
President Bush to Investigate "What Went Wrong" In Relief Efforts
The Roberts Nomination
Blog for Relief
Should W Apologize?
It Ain't W's Fault
God-bloggers on Katrina
Was Katrina a Judgment from God?
Micro-Relief: The San Diego Church's Effort
Chief Justice Rhenquist Has Died
The Role of the President
Long-Term Housing
The Clueless Andrew Sullivan
Quick Hit Thoughts on Katrina
Maps of the Declared Disaster Areas
Housing Needs of Katrina Victims
Critics trying to have it both ways
A Distraction from Tragedy
Digging Deep
The Very Best and the Very Worst
The Magic City
Planned Parenthood's Outrage
Dr. Moore to RFK Jr. - Apologize
Al Sharpton is out of Control
Struggles continue in New Orleans
Thoughts on New Orleans
New Orleans: "A Logistical Nightmare"
Katrina Update
Waters Continue to Rise in New Orleans
Perspectives on the War on Terror
God, When They Need Him
Another Response to Cindy Sheehan
Katrina - God's Judgment?
Katrina II
Conservative Christianity
The Relevant Church
Avoiding Ethical Complications in Stem Cell Research
The Dumbest Poll Question Ever
Kelo’s Consequences
Blogospheric Triumphs
The Politics of Moving Goal Posts
Back in the Saddle
An Embarrassing Retraction by Robertson
New Voters and the 2008 Election
San Diego's "Parallel Election"
A Response to Cindy Sheehan
Mixing God & Science
Statistical Significance v. Validity
Don't you just love to vote?
What’s that you say, Mr. Robertson?
Iraq's Sunnis Aim to Defeat Constitution in Vote
Casey Sheehan
Box 44: Pro Bono (2)
Box 35: Piracy on the High Seas
Kelo Chutzpah
Intelligent Design in the Crosshairs of the Mainstream
The Iran Emergency in Box 29
A Cool $10K on Global Warming
Friday Blog Review: The NCC, Porous Borders, Condotels, and more
Christian View of the City
How Much Steam Does the Fair Tax Train Have?
What will be Enough for the Palestinians?
Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #8, released!
Coming Pandemic
Media Voyeurism and the Grieving Mother
Building Narnia Buzz
Justice Sunday II: Wrong Place, Off Target?
Pay Attention: A Fair Tax for America
The Grey Lady Wakes
Friday Blogview: Profiling, Baking Cookies, Intelligent Design, Ad Nauseam and More
Evangelical Muscle and Elite Embarrassment
Micro-Climate Change
Questioning Francis Schaeffer and Co.
CNN No Longer Checking its Facts?
Bloody Shame
The Virtuous Nation: Clinton's Best Legacy?
Faith-based Evolution
A Superhero for Our Times
Steve Vincent
NCAA goes PC
Still Savoring Summer
Defining Evangelicals
A Peter Jennings Moment
In Focus: Soldiers' Angels
The Mainline Breaks Toward the Terrorists
Great Economic News
The Israeli Terrorist
Evangelicals Within Denomination Endure Actions of UCC Synod
Rev. Fred Phelps on the March
Rich Review: Lowry at YAF
Something Stinks in Louisiana
The Religous Test
Ethical Sources of Embryonic Stem Cells
Where to Hold the ID Debate
Christians In Danger on the Horn of Africa
It's more than just science
The Brewing Scandal Over Air America That the Media is Ignoring
More Christians in China than Communists?
France Shakes Hands with Common Sense
Heirs of the Sixties
The Sounds of Repositioning
China: Isolation or Engagement?
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Done Deal?
Road Trip
Great Sunday Evening Read
New American Warriors
Hugh Hewitt Exposes the Mainstream Media
Justice Breyer's Property an Eniment Domain Target
Fascist French!
Did You Know....
Frist v Embryos
"Fatwa Demonstrates World is at War with Fascists, Not Muslims"
IRA Standing Down, Pursuing Peaceful Means
Ah, Good News
Getting Into Their Heads (and other acts of futility)
More on One
Double Standard, Alive and Well
Coughenour Controversy
Absitence Only Programs Ill-Conceived
Left-wing Blogs React to Hillary's Ceasefire Appeal
Why One Won't Work
Dean on Kelo
Roberts Notes
Donna Frye - Out of Touch with San Diegans
What Should Happen to Syria?
Keep on Shouting!
Jon Stewart and Rick Santorum
Politicians & the Press: They Deserve Each Other
The Space Shuttle Returns
The Federalist Society
The Key Issue in the Debate Over Roberts' Nomination
Anita Hill speaks out on Roberts
Political Implications of the SCOTUS Confirmation Vote
Proud to be a Neocon
Francis Schaeffer vs. Me
LA Times Absurdity
Two weeks later: Continue to pray for London
Ecto Posting Tool
Leahy Logic
O'Connor: Roberts is "First Rate"
Ginsburg Precedent
"In your face ordinations" and how to report them
Another Promise Kept
Analysis of the Roberts SCOTUS Nomination
50 Years Old!!!
Britton Weighs In
Opponents to Kelo Come "Out of the Woodwork"
Eric Rudolph: Christian Terrorist?
SCOTUS Nominee TBA Tonight
Republican Idiot Club
Hug a Church Sound Engineer
If Desperate, Bomb Mecca!
More on the Plame Non-Scandal
America’s Finest City
Ebonics Back in Public Discourse
A Million, Million, Million Monkeys
Did the Brits’ Involvement in Iraq Make them a Target?
Bush: Crime Won't Pay
Enemy Combatants and Military Tribunals
The Blur Contiues
More on Animal Cruelty
Some Thoughts on Narnia

Summarizing the "Plame Game"
Ebbers Should Not Go To Prison
Randomness on a Thursday Afternoon
Total Truth Wins Award
Nipped in the Bud
Crunchy Cons Unite!
What Price Freedom?
Maranatha - Come Lord, and quickly
Why Strict Constitutionalists?
The Call to Mercy
McCain - "Up or Down!"
The Republican Coalition
But what about Mr. Wilson?
Thank you for the invite!
Now, Just What Is It We So Dislike?
Welcome Thecla Mauro
Rove and the Leak
The Lead of Love
Hate Crime Victim?
Relgious Right to Work More Quietly on SCOTUS Nomination
Hurricane Dennis Is Growing Up and So Am I
Sufjan Stevens
What is the point again?
The Center of the World
The Call to Detachment
A Southern Remembrance
London Calling
A Prayer for London
Avoiding Financial Over-reaction
George Allen for President?
London Attacks
A Nation of Young Therapeutic Deists?
The Speech: "Your fighting sons ...they are splendid in every way"
Africa’s Fate Will Be Determined By Africans
An Intriguing SCOTUS Scenario
Congrats Rhett!
Brilliant, Just Brilliant
"Your fighting sons ...they are splendid in every way"
Those "Stingy" Americans
How to Shrink a Denomination: The UCC Endorses Gay Marriage
The Leak
2nd Missing SEAL Reportedly Found
"Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor"
Comments Have Been Down
Homespun Bloggers Radio, Program #7, released!
Prognosticating the SCOTUS Confirmation Battle
Pi in the Sky
California Legislation
Tragic Loss in Afghanistan
SCOTUS: Equal Opportunity Employer
Responding to Kelo
More on O'Connor
Party Time
Justice O'Connor Stepping Down
the One problem
I’m Glad We Have That Cleared Up
The Founders' Cornerstones
Sex Sells ... Or Not
Justice Souter's Property to Be Seized?
Mohler on Hillary, Emergents
Robert P. George Interview
Another Stone to Cry Out
A Sad Day in Our Home
Writing on Celebrity and True Stardom
Religion, minus the "G" word
Your Ring Looks Good on My Finger!
Newsweek on Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction?
Rite of Passage
Woody Allen's Insanity
The Forgotten Emergencies
FEC Crackdown
More Analysis on the Supreme Court's Hair-Splitting
Judgement Day; Muslim & Christian
UK bank bans Christian group
The Supremes & the 10 Commandments
Linda Foley Won't Back Down
Finish the Job in Iraq
It's OK, Dr. Graham
Examining the Joel Osteen Cult
Question of the Day
The Iran Situation
New All-Girl Group Blog
One less bonus to embryonic stem cells
Corporate values vs your values
Will a Book Sink Hillary Clinton?
Kelo v. City of New London
More Stones to Cry Out
What’s in Domain Name? This Eminent Domain is Called Tyranny
Oh, the Boycott Hadn’t Already Ended?
“It Can Never Forget What They Did Here”
Air Force Academy Findings
How Are We Doing? A Mid-Year Look at 2005
Durbin Apology - Only the Beginning
Schiavo Tombstone
The Pope and Animals
Bloggers Could Have Told Them It Would Be a Problem
PCA Rejects Anti-Public School Resolution
Romney: The Right Stuff?
Study Skewed Facts on Sexual Conduct of Virginity Pledgers
For Father’s Day: Portrait of a Great Day
I'm It!
The American Way: Mocking Dads On Television
Amnesty from Durbin Please
Schiavo Autopsy Aftermath
Durbin and Gitmo
Why Won’t the Christians Play Nice?
Mitt Romney Still Afloat in the Massachusetts Alligator Pond
Philippians Overview
Objective Reporting of the Kansas ID v. Evolution Debate
The Problem of the Hannity Right
That Poll is Biased!
Iran's Nukes
An Important Matter
The Meaning of X &Y
A Nation of Wimps
Natalee Holloway
No Exit
Turmoil at Hollywood Presbyterian
The Gitmo Discussion
Lunacy Explained
Iranian Protests
Sean Hannity's Subjective "Journalism"
Yeah Mammon!
Mohler and the Sith
Plug-In Help?
Christian Truth
From Grand Rapids: A Study Shows Profitability of Family-friendly Films
Polling and Conservative Hysteria
Senator Brownback
Dumb and Dumber for President 2004
Amy Wellborn on the Pope and Marriage
Aid and AIDS in Africa
Wayne on Wallis
Worthy Causes
Emergent Christians and the GOP
NRO Doesn't Get It
A Question About Nancy Pearcey?
ICC to Investigate Sudan War Crimes
A Patchwork Quilt
Taking the Lord's Name in Vain
Titles of Honor
Wallis Gets Served
Trouble for the European Repose
Nancy Pearcey's Total Truth
Mission to India
Evangelical Underground
NCPP Recognizes Contributions of Blogger
Vetoing the Morally Repugnant
The Lazy French Reject the Godless Constitution
An Identity for Deep Throat; But Do We Know Everything?
Deep Throat
Re: Failues
And Yes, There Are Failures
Romney's Problem
Would Evangelicals Support Mitt Romney?
Charlotte Simmons
Nice Memorial Day Tribute
Memorial Day
The Mormon President
Memorial Day Sunday
Our Advertisers
Star Wars
Friday Night Movies
Mulan II is Worth Watching
Around the ‘sphere: Truth, Marriage, Religious Liberty, and Border Control
The Moderate Party in the U.S. Parliament
Just thought you all should know...
Al-Zarqawi Rumors
Runaway Justice: Making Cold Feet and Bad Judgment a Crime
Capitalism at Work
Theocracy is not Conservative
Christianity and Myth
Quick Hits
The Filibuster Deal: Compromise Isn’t Always a Bad Word
NRO Gets it Right
The New York Times: Seeking Your Trust
Brilliant Political Move
Status Quo Preserved
Hope and its Daughters
New Blog: Putting for Par
Hot Rod
Senate Sleepover
The Most Dangerous Entanglement of Church and State
Newsweek in the Toilet
Supermajority Required to Reject Presidential Nominees?
Santorum's New Book
Mt Soledad Cross and War Memorial
Assault on the Boy Scouts
Getting Old
Words to Ponder
Not the Real Thing: Pepsi President Flips Out
Trial by Jury
Evangelism, the Left, and the Air Force Academy
New Lost!
Bono In Print
Showdown Over Filibuster Looms
Mohler vs. Hitchens
The Darfur Collection
Doug Bass Wants to Apprehend More
Godcasts Getting Attention
Cruncy Cons and Punk Rock
Pentecost Sunday
AAPOR Reflections
We are above it all
Scrappleface Reports on the Air Force Academy
The Savage Nation Falls Prey to Longstanding Urban Legend
Our Gotta Have it Now Society
An Air Force Tradition: A Hymn to the Protector of our Souls
Conservatism 101
The Assault on Christians at the Air Force Academy
Operation Matador
AAPOR 2005
Gambling, Exit Polls, and Election Irregularities

Narnia Trailer/Disney's new partnership
A Failure to Communicate
Don't Click Here
the Great Evangelical Misunderstanding
Gender Gap
A Heart of Courage
Idle Hands
City Comforts
Tyranny of the Little Things
Back in Action
Disadvantages of Pissing Off America
The antichrist doesn't live here anymore
Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't
Shrek: Blech
The Temptation to Hoard
The Awful Majesty
God Bless America, Land That Loves to Eat
I Want My M(onk)TV
Deleting an "Incredible" Scene
Cool Pictures of Storm Clouds
Hollywood's Agenda?
Should'a Stuck with Legolas
Serving God, one ink cartridge at a time
Narnia movie a minefield for Disney
The GOP's Need
Public Schools Telling Us “Who’s in a Family”
Runaway Morality
Censorship but hopefully not for long
What Republicans Need
GOP Filibusters?
Runaway Gwinnett County, Georgia
But Can They Beat Hillary?
Total Truth on Christian Political Activism
Gordon Smith Reported to be Fristian on Filibuster
Fonda’s Faith
Oh, Messy Life!
Deliver Us From WalMart’s Critics; Give Us WalMart Alternatives
Febble's Fancy Function or the Liddle Model that Could
Video footage of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
The Terrifying Truth: We Are Normal
There Goes the Secular Humanist Vote
Jews Against Anti-Christian Bias
The Right Standard for Death: “No Doubt” of Guilt
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker -- Found!
How We Look
New Screening at the Pearly Gates.
The Reality of Faith: International Persecution of Christians
Los Angeles, Mexico
Instapundit's Worry
Latest Christian Carnival
Comments and Trackbacks; Digital Music Player Question
Time For Stronger Measures Against Sexual Predators
Devils and Dust
Comments and Trackbacks Down Again
Why Not Pragmatism?
Is Homeschooling the Best Option?
New Media Peer Review
Let's Get One Thing Straight
The Bible as a High School Textbook
No Excuse
Constitutional Option
Outrageous! ID's Required to Vote!?!?!?
Blog Fatigue
The Filibuster: What If?
Comment and Trackback Spam
Looking in the Mirror Instead of Your Eye
The Unalienable Right
Nearly Half of Americans Still Crack Open the Bible Every Week Somewhere Besides Church
The Post-Modern Question and The Transcendent Answer
Another Conservative Pope: Enjoying the NY Times’ Misery
Grand Slam
Those Darn Twixters
Comments and Trackbacks
More on Benedict XVI
Double Trouble--Comments and Trackbacks
Christian Carnival LXVI
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Introduce the Fairness Doctrine
Reformation of the ELCA?
Shermblog's Simple Analysis on Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI
Welcome Pope Benedict XVI
White Smoke and Bells Announce New Pope
The Decline of Personal Responsibility
Church and State
We Each Bear Our Own Cross
Does America's Finest City have America's Worst Mayor?
NY Times Editorial Nonsense on Frist and Justice Sunday
Why WE Should Separate the Local Church and Politics
Why I am switching to Coca-Cola. Forever.
Comments Working
Comments, Trackback Down
So Apparently I'm...Kinda Gay?
Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse
The Ol' Ball Coach Is Back
Unto the Least of These
Play Golf on April 15 Next Year
The inertia of slack
Faith, Frist and Filibuster
A Touch of Good News
More On Judges
What a Bunch of Wimps
Day of Silence
Another Pope Frontrunner
File It Under "Awesome"
A Spring Ballad
Levin Tries to Clear the Air
Just Apologize, Dr. Dobson, and Move On
Dobson Redux
Dobston's Timeout
Encouraging News for the Largest Congregation
Why We're Here
Dobson Needs a Timeout
65th Christian Carnival
Desert Island Discs
Signs of the Reformation's Success?
A Brother in Trouble
Random Request
Movin' On Up
Me vs. PostModernism
Darn Spammers
Brooks? Eh!
A Conservative Nation?
The Backlash Mirage
A Confident Man
God's Democrat?
Group opposes lowering flag for Pope
Review Free Books
Putting His Money Where His Bad Translation Is
China Still a Dangerous Place for Christians
Christian Art
Euthanasia and Co-Dependency
Executing My New Powers as Name-Giver
Christian Carnival LXIV
Total Truth: Christianity for All of Life
The 2005 EO Symposium (2nd Quarter)
Newsflash: Socialism Doesn't Work
Saul Bellow Has Died
Gene Robinson hints that Jesus was gay
John Paul the Great
Satellite Radio’s Opening Day
Minuteman Project Update
Headed toward Civil War?
Death, Thou Shalt Die
Spiritually Significant Films
Bankruptcy Bill Built on a Myth
Youth Culture
Meet Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith
Barajas Impressive in Pre-Season
Just Arrived...
Trickle-Down Despotism
Our Pope
Words on Mourning
More on the Fairest Tax for America
What Happens If the Pontiff Dies?
Ted Koppel and Bill McCartney
Pope John Paul II, The Most Influential Individual of Our Time, May Be Near Death
Remembering Terri Schiavo
You Might Say I'm Irritated
The Docs WERE in his Socks!
Pope John Paul II Condition Worsening, news agency reports
Requiem for Terri
Neuhaus on Colson
Generation M: More Multi-tasking Media
A Rumor of War
Legislation to Protect Religious Freedom in the Workplace
US Count Votes to Release Study
Jonah Says Chill
Old Man on A Feeding Tube: Extending Schiavo Ethics to the Pope
This Just In . . .
"No Hard Evidence That The Memo Is Fake"
The Religious Right and The Reasonable People
Drunkard's Prayer
A Few More Thoughts...
A Glimmer of Hope in Atlanta? Is It Too Late for Terri Schiavo?
An Honest Being-With
Unsearchable God
What Is the Religious Right?
Instapundit on the Religious Right
Statement from Governor Owens
Michael Schiavo Guility of Bigamy; The Court Ignores Marriage
Faith and Decisions
An Argument for Bible Memorization
Black and Asian Women Earning More Than White Women
Foreign Affairs
LA Times Hit Piece: DeLay in the Crosshairs
Simon Cowell is good for Self-Esteem
Two Easter Tales
Progress Report: No Child Left Behind
LA Times Profile: Jim Wallis
The Christian Response
One Easter Thought...
The Final Word
"Fake but Accurate": Take II?
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
How to Remodel a 20sf Bathroom in 6-Months
Iraq's Insurgents ‘Seek Exit Strategy'
A Marriage of Convenience? Fiscal Incentives and Residential Development Patterns in California
Schindler's List
The Africa Crisis
Hewitt on Sullivan
What's Next for the Pro-Life Crowd?
Really Strange Bedfellows
The Greatest Threat to Marriage
Sharpton Criticizes Rap Violence
Jeb Bush Rising; Randall Terry Sinking
Seeking Parental Consent for Homosexual Clubs
How Can I Help Terri Schiavo?
Douthat Speaking Some Truth
Would You Want to Live Like That?
Write Your Own Headline Here
A Few Quick Hits
Congressional Action On Behalf of Another Daughter: The Elizabeth Morgan Case
More Schiavo Polling
We've Made This Bed
Screwtape proposes another toast
Mystery Pollster on Schiavo "Push Poll" Charge
What's Wrong With Youth Culture?
Provoking Thoughts
We are all Terri Schiavo
Robert P. George on Terri Schiavo (and more!)
What if?
Peggy Noonan and The Derb are Wrong
ABC News Poll - Terri Schiavo and Federal Intervention
Wow Mark, I'm Blushing
Moral Bankruptcy and the Failure of the Family Movement
Kyrgyzstan Revolt Underway
The Godless Party
Terri Schiavo Audio?
Critique of Simon/Baiman Exit Poll Paper
Immigration Debate Continues
Why I'm not a Democrat
Kerry to Sign Form 180?
Critical Review of The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy
Random Musings
Congress to Intervene
Schiavo Polling Data
Groningen Protocol Revisted
Schiavo Drama: Florida Justice in a Persistent Vegetative State
Something Good from Florida
Congressional Republican Leadership Fights On
Congress Subpoenas Terri Schiavo
Deeper Issues of the Heart: Center for Christian Statesmanship
Where's Your Anger?
Like Flypaper to Moonbats
More on the Bankruptcy Bill
Quick Updates - Get Into It!
Harsh Words in the Culture War
I Fully Support the Ceder Revolt
The Constitutional Option
Immigration Policy Debate Primer
At Least They Stood on Principle
Dave Ramsey on Bankruptcy Legislation
Odd/Funny Referral Submissions
What's Wrong With Kansas?
New Exit Poll Paper
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Ashley Smith tells her story
Who Would Jesus Dismiss?
Rick Warren Saves a Life
Re: Obscene Wealth
Terms of the Debate
Judge Overturns CA Ban on Gay Marriage
Taking Nominations
Freedom on the March in Lebanon
Series on Immigration Policy
Scandal Brewing?
Leno's Jackson Jokes
FEC Crackdown on Poli-Blogging?
A Gen Xer talks Marriage
Condi for Pres?
Gallup Poll on Blogging
"Million Dollar" review
Liberals Are Going to Hell?
Another Geek Moment
Obscene Wealth
Michael Schiavo rejects offer of $1 million
The Emergent Church and the Democrat Party
Trade Has Been the Trojan Horse for the Gospel in China
Like a Laser Beam: Townes Wins Templeton Prize for Religion
Since the MSM Can’t Beat the Evangelicals, It is Refocusing Its Spotlight on Their Greens and Blues
When is Enough, Enough?
The Byrd Option
Amputees Back to Combat
More on the iPod world
Christian Positions on Bankruptcy?
Your Turn: How to Persuade Bill Maher that Jesus is Not an Imaginary Friend
Numa Numa by Gary Brolsma
Internet Is Growing Source of Political News; Citing the Blog Elite
Can you Live Blog a Screenplay Writing?
Fishbowl View of Chinese Political Economy
Millard Fuller Firing
Neither New nor Improved
But I don't think my wife would go for it.
War and Bleach
Technology creates strange alliances
Bill Maher is an Idiot
Is this a good idea? A school for the bullied and harassed.
“O” is not for Oscar: Catholic Bishops Give Million Dollar Baby Its Worst Rating
It Ain't Me, Babe
Jim Jewell: SCO White House Correspondent
Decline of Atheism/Rise of Pantheism
Blogger Issued White House Press Pass
Noticing Conservative Black Clergy
The Decline of Atheism
Bravo President Clinton
Judge Refuses Yale Law Grad Clerks
Colson on Martha Stewart and the Purpose of Prison
American's Stingy Christians?
CJR on the Threats to Journalists’ Privilege
Angers, France
Barriers for Abortion in Georgia
Toward the Fair Tax: Greenspan Endorses Move to Consumption Tax
Cruel and Unusual Decisions on the Death Penalty
The Ten Commandments Folly
More Outrage
Reaction to Byrd's Hitler Comments
Over-sexed Sports Heroes and the Fall of Icarus
Welcoming Ward to Wisconsin
SCOTUS: New Arbiters of National and International Consensus?
The Govenator and 'Roids
The Ferment of Freedom
Sound Booth
Nuclear Option - California Style!
Tipping Point?
Where is the Outrage?
God Blog Con I
My Initial Take on Million Dollar Baby
Love Divine: The Atlanta Sacred Chorale Sings at Emory
State Constitutions: Grateful to God
Behind the Information Curve
Public High Schools Obsolete?
Cry, the Beloved Country: Life Expectancy Plummeting in Africa
Free Speech for Churches and Charities: Pass the Houses of Worship Freedom of Speech Restoration Act
Shamus to India
Come Again Howard Dean?
Dean and the Domestic Axis of Evil
All but Won?
Million Dollar Controversy
Vigilantes Dealing Justice?
Grace Church Blog
GodBlogCon 2005
"Tammy Faye with a law degree"
The New Peculiar Institution
Israel Drawing A Line
Blog Radio on Social Security
Genocide in Darfur
More on Wal-Mart
35 Facts You Were Perfectly Happy Not Knowing
Anglican Leaders Tell Rebellious North Americans to Stay Home
Hewitt and Wal-Mart
Saint Vladimir: Putin Religious, by Russian Standards?
Name a Guardian ad litem for Terry Schiavo
Evangelical First Things in Public Life: 12 Things We Should Expect of Evangelicals
Sanctity of Life #1 Moral Issue Facing America

iPods and Our Love/Hate Relationship
Would You Vote for A Woman for President?
Two or Three
More Skepticism on Deep Throat
Pardon me, You’re in My Kitchen: The Supreme Court and Eminent Domain
He Gives and Takes Away - Blessed be His Name
New Blog Suggestion

Outting the Simpsons
Battlestar Galactica offers a surprising faith challenge
The Importance of Homeland Security in Flyover Country
Terry Shiavo Update
What End, The Wounded Butterfly?
Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
Pay For Your Own Erection
I'm rooting for the polytheists
More Visceral MSM Bias Exposed
For President’s Day: Presidential Greatness
For President’s Day: Presidential Quirks
France Pushes EU to Lift Chinese Arms Embargo
Hunter S. Thompson - Dead.
Time for an Intervention?
"R" Rated Movies on Decline?
A Change of Heart?
The Case for Condi Replacing Cheney
Like Peas in a Pod...
Tony Snow
A St. Patty's Day Gambit
The Vatican, Paul’s Grave, and Noah’s Ark
Is Liberalism Dead?
Harvard Releases Transcript of Summers Remarks on Gender Differences
The Shortest Seminary Course
Apology to Catez
Dispatches from Glass Houses
Free Speech on Campus
Blogosphere Appeals for Terri Schaivo
Noonan on Blogging
Hillary, Abortion, and the Partisan Juggernaut
The Barnabas Project
Drugs Are Bad, Mmmmkay?
Confirm Them
Changing the Filibuster Rules
When Did I Become a Policy Wonk?
Shelter Poverty

Why Baseball is Better than Football
Jerry Falwell and Jim Wallis
Tuvaluans Plea for Help!
How "transformed" are we?
Prayer Request
Whatever happened to the "loyal" opposition?
Is This Torture?
Not extinct after all!
More on the TNIV and HCSB Bibles
Nice Tribute by an Iraqi Artist
A Tax Bill Worth Getting Excited About
Keeping the Blogger Press Pass Idea Alive
Shocker! US Spying On An Enemy!
First Principles
Jesus and the Tax Man
Bad Christian Art?
Christians and First Principles
Eason Jordan Quits
More on Twixters
Romney Elevates Life Over Self Interest
Bloggers with Press Passes?
Ward Churchill
Eden cast out
North Korean Nukes
Best Bible Translation for Today is Not the TNIV
Blogging and Journalism
??? v. Kennedy
Food for Thought
Sex and the Evangelical Campus
"God can use those who are not filled with themselves."
Deep Throat May be a Composite of Multiple Sources
Examining the "Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy"
Give Us Clean Hands

Green Christians
Major Props
I Love a Good Firestorm
Easongate Debuts in the MSM: But What's Missing?
Prager’s Case for Judeo-Christian Values
The Anchoress and Pastor Bolsinger on Lent
Intelligent Design -- The Sternberg Controversy
Wimps and Twixters
More on Bill Bellichick
Dixie Fuller
NRO's Misunderstanding...
Ethical Questions in Habitat's Firing of Millard Fuller
Not "No," But...
Question of the Day...
Judge Rules Embryo Is A Human
Judge May Rule on Terry Schaivo's Life This Week
Mickey Gets It
Super Football, Average Commercials
So, what are you doing for the quadragesimale?
The Conservative Mind
The Sorry State of Education
Is Anyone Else Surpised
Super Bowl Talk
FDR and the Future of Social Security
Sudan Watch
Are You Sure It Wasn't....Nothing?
Rating Super Bowl Commercials
Jordan v. Mattis
The Right Kind of Censorship
General Mattis
Losing Jesus' Language
More on Film and Faith
This Is Getting Old
Christian Politics
Christ at the Cinema
Am I a Progressive Christian?
Looking at the Heresy of Joel Osteen
Galveston’s Social Security Alternative
Mow Your Own Lawn
Eason Jordan Update
More on the Passion
Views on the Passion Snub from a Hollywood Insider
The State of the Union Spectacle
Help Stop Those Who Want to Stop the Dead Woman
"And when I say that the groundhog is Jesus, I say that with great respect."
Some Additional Thoughts
State of the Union Thoughts...
Liberal Christians still too Christian for the Left
Eason Jordan's Motormouth
Conservative Intellectualism Redux
Trouble in Dixie
State of the Union Resources
Hugh on Dennis Miller Last Night
More on the Intellectual Evangelical
Christian Carnival
Archeologicalist Accidentally Supports Biblical History
Radio Free Blog
Spiritual Lion in Winter: Pope Rushed to Hospital
True Confession
Facilitating the Growth of the Evangelical Mind
The Conservative Evangelical Mind
Moyers has a Meltdown
Clinton(s) 2008
Is the "Governator" No Longer Invincible?
Is this thing on?
Welcome to Stones Cry Out
It Ain't About the Oil-Stop Talking Nonsense
Stones Cry Out Vision