1. Plywood wheels!
  2. 5-stroke engine?
  3. If time permitted I’d fisk this. Suffice it to say claims that government spending are the proximate cause for the recover (when the majority of the stimulus remains to be spent) and oops pesky data contradicts the premise. Bleeding was thought to cure disease and often the patient recovered, too.
  4. Right leaning humor, heh.
  5. Obama/Pelosi Not in tune.
  6. Cash for clunkers … to purchase clunkers.
  7. Logic and global warming.
  8. Medvedev speaks to the Ukraine. and an a colourful interpretation from the Ukraine.
  9. Home schooling stats.
  10. A book suggested.
  11. Sudan.
  12. Watching Afghanistan.
  13. Off with her head … and that tag line is the main reason I linked that piece.
  14. Insane civilization … ours.
  15. Oh, Ninevah.

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