1. Six, of course those excited about that that ignore the 512 or more cores/processors in many high end video cards.
  2. A complete waste of time … surprised?
  3. Bigger stadia, more … screen?
  4. An offer to redefine “jury of your peers.”
  5. For the econ-readers, two books reviewed by Mr Easterly. Another by Mr Bernanke examined here.
  6. Fasting and the evangelical.
  7. For seeing … art.
  8. High school GPA is correlated with college success (as opposed to SAT/ACT test results).
  9. TED.
  10. ACORN and a really bad defence of the same noted. Another tidbit here too.
  11. Remarking in the wake of Mr Obama’s (yet another) media blitz.
  12. The title of this piece got me to me drew a wide smile.
  13. The NEA scandal/admin … will that catch fire? or just smoke and smolder?
  14. Draw to two opposing sides … with the fate of civilization at stake?
  15. Big heads, but bigness is perceived only because their chests are so small.
  16. Recalling what cruel and unusual punishments really meant.
  17. Ethical monad.
  18. Recalling Mr Obama’s campaign platforms
  19. Forgetting that most of us found Plato’s regime with the philosopher kings kinda repellent.

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