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  1. Illegal to give advice? or not?
  2. Iraqi war casualty counts.
  3. Taking the fifth, and is that “do themselves more harm” or do the Admin more harm, which after reprisals would ultimately do them more harm?
  4. Oh, and here’s the Solyndra timeline.
  5. Well, Ms Greer is a name to remember … as a complete idiot and a person whose opinion is completely useless. Sorry, kissing your children if done by mom or dad is just fine. Not doing it is more problematic.
  6. The AP looks at Mr Obama’s millionaire tax claim. (and Buffet paid about a billion in taxes, not $7million … oops).
  7. And about his jobs bill, which is more like his job bill.
  8. I didn’t catch this on the MSM wires … did you? Bias or not?
  9. film noted.
  10. Errant climate nonsense, “the sky will be full.” Heh.
  11. It’s those misunderstanders of Islam?
  12. You go, err glow (?), girl!
  13. The Netflix business plan.

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