Good morning.

  1. Climate not cooperating. Is spin required?
  2. Gun law growsing in Illinois.
  3. I’m sorry that headline makes no sense. The president cannot sustain any “serious” blows to a thing which he has lost long ago. Oh, wait, perhaps they meant Mr Geithner’s credibility.
  4. Various Physics grails, err, quests.
  5. Yes, it was common in the past to view Islam as a Christian heresy … I’m thinking today’s Muslims would take a dim view of that approach.
  6. Of course they’re going to go after the 401k’s … it’s where the only money is left.
  7. That was somewhat unexpected I venture.
  8. Ethics and hell.
  9. Dr Strangelove and Obamacare.
  10. Feel good about that yet?
  11. The other Libyan question.
  12. Jail? Seems a bit light.
  13. New Orleans and the rebuilt levees.

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