Good morning. I was real busy yesterday, and didn’t troll for links much. Here’s what I’ve got.

  1. Perhaps, “virtue ethics is for idiots” but is that a statement to put alongside “consequential ethics are for knuckleheads” … what is this meta-ethics for kindergarden? 
  2. A “score” being touted.
  3. Sometimes we all feel that way, eh? (just not at the same time, thankfully)
  4. School admissions and wealth.
  5. Welcome to America, were a little “do you know who I am” and $5 will buy you a sandwich.
  6. Speaking of American responses.
  7. A conversation the liberals avoid. More tight coupling of healthcare and politics means more politics in healthcare. Is that a good thing? That’s really what we need, Tammany hall healthcare, where you need to confirm your political alliance and graft vouchers before your mom gets her bypass. Connections get you stuff. Wonderful. Welcome to the new world as envisioned by Mr Obama and company.
  8. The economics of piracy (not software but on-the-sea with guns and stuff piracy).

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