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Questions for the Debate: #4

Drones. In the past years we’ve been using Predator drones and the like more and more to effect our will in unsafe territories. Dones have the advantage of not endangering US life and are very effective, but on the other side of the coin are very bad press for the US in those regions they are used and often cause civilian casualties. Drones have been used attacking targets in countries with which we are not at war.

Question: What principle decides when and were to use drones in neutral countries and how does that principle apply when considering other countries using the same rational to fly drones against targets in the US?

The Debates Continue: Question #3

Continuing the debates:

Arguably the very first big decision a President must make is select his running mate. Can you indicate three most important criteria you see in your selection of a running mate.

Debate Question for our Candidates #2

Continuing (for a while … if this keeps getting ignored I’ll probably stop) the debate … a question for our candidates:

Strategy amounts to setting long term goals and objectives, tactics is the means of getting from here to there.¬†Arguably we’ve been without a coherent Middle East strategy for decades, and we’ve replacing any strategy with a disconnected set of of short term tactical responses to developing situations. What would you identify as the key elements of a US Middle East strategy, Could you briefly describe what you envision as our strategic goals and objectives for the region?

Follow up: What do you see as the first tactical step moving in that direction?

Debate Questions

A blog post out there on the Interwebs asked what question you might ask in one of the Presidential debates. I’m going to try to post, uhm, one every day or so. So here we go …

Question: One of the oft spoken assumptions about the current election centers on the economy and employment. Can you identify the most important policy changes we need to push in order to put the US on the right track. In this context, please identify the most important item on which you believe you and your opponent are in agreement and the most important one on which you do not agree.