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  1. So are screw ups the exception or the rule?
  2. Why the adjective, female? Beauty matters … it’s just that human physical beauty is not the most important category of beauty.
  3. A bet.
  4. Movement left by a group with a suggestion as to why … which also one might suggest implies that the more we move lef the less healthy our society is. 
  5. For the election season, a signage salvo.
  6. In a piece on “percentages” it’s odd that he quotes 3% as the Gay population in the wake of last weeks CDC announcement that that 3 is 1.5
  7. Some thoughts on Wienergate.
  8. Vouchers in a different venue. I wonder if the same people against school vouchers would be for these. If so, why the difference?
  9. Yuck, evil evil evil.
  10. Kyoto II and Mr Obama … holding the Bush line faithfully. Happy now?
  11. Some praise for a selection of Mr Obama’s.
  12. A good post on climate.
  13. Why
  14. I think Church-as-hospital is one of the better metaphors.

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