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  1. Libertarian? Seems to me that someone is confused by thinking anarchy is a libertarian ideal.
  2. The hear/see/speak no evil crowd and an airline incedent.
  3. I think it was more complicated than that (replacing ugly with beauty). I think the artistic aesthetic which judged art for its beauty got replaced by one that judged based on emotional and visceral “impact”. I think that is a mistake in approaching art, but one nevertheless which prevails in many circles today.
  4. What I fail to see is the American left repudiated and rejecting this movement in any public way.
  5. An anniversary.
  6. Rationing of medical care.
  7. Them angry cows.
  8. OK then, in the view of the left racism (!) is a primary driver of thought. More seriously, I think there is some basic truth to the notion that while the right views the left as naive the left views the right as evil. 
  9. Speaking of which, this is more the reality of what drives the right, the Presidents “clinging to guns, god, and yada yada” is not.
  10. One of the better remarks on the dogs of war photo essay.
  11. Mythbusters, and I’ll note that unsuppressed guns as sound effect in movies don’t sound like the real thing … so you shouldn’t expect suppressed ones to do so either?
  12. Mythbusters of another sort.

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