Good morning.

  1. Progressive McCarthyism. Will they move to counter?
  2. Science and religion.
  3. Our government, creating jobs and markets.
  4. Duh. Does this need to be even said?
  5. Sickness or health? The question of what “healthy” means is often difficult. Of course, on the other hand, some bioethics people have rocks for brains.
  6. Speaking of bio-ethics.
  7. Of our regrettable (?) beauty industry.
  8. Origenal homilies.
  9. Stem cells, oddly enough … adult.
  10. Seeing as the post office loses money on each transaction … is that wise?
  11. I guess it was nice to grow up when GI Joe was fighting Gerries.
  12. Looking back at hard times.

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