Woo. Three days in a row … and three and a half weeks to go and busy busy busy season might be over (except for the clean up).

  1. Guns and the racist race baiting left.
  2. Here’s a likely suggestion (with material to back it up) … the biggest NSA problem has been journalists and the FISA court judiciary. Another question that came to me is if NSA has cracked https … banking is not secure … and how much money has been stolen?
  3. On the other hand, there is likely good fallout from the NSA kerfuffle, to whit codes are always easier for the code users than the breaker from a computability standpoint. Piss off the crypto-crowd and the encoding standards will be computationally safe in the next round.
  4. ’cause there’s no there there, allegedly … but if that’s the case, why hide?
  5. The way of winning that was left to non-sprinters like me, but rarely ever got … ’cause I sort of sucked.
  6. Three words and the pretty much empty set of people who know the meaning of all three (I was not one of those who knew those words, btw).
  7. Philosophy.
  8. Teuthidian tech.
  9. Mr Obama’s speech summed up from the left.
  10. A question raised by the same.
  11. Explaining the non-existence of philosophers teaching ethics.

For 9/11

  1. A tweet noted.
  2. photo.
  3. Lyrical.

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