Good morning.

  1. The war on terror and the crux of the problem.
  2. Brandon has links for meta-thinking (or I’m meta linking his thinks for linking or ( …)). Oh, what the heck just pop over and read away.
  3. First rule of bureaucracy, grow grow grow.
  4. Some economic considerations of North East corridor and the location (above/under) of power lines.
  5. Labor costs and Obamacare. Ooooh, higher labor costs … that will really do wonders for our global competitiveness in the the global labor marketplace.
  6. Stewardship.
  7. Not enough of the sackings.
  8. The other 47%.
  9. Two can play that game, no deal if entitlement spending isn’t cut either (and guess what? Only the spending cut will make any difference in budget shortfalls). It remains to be seen whether the GOP can actually play the game.
  10. Citizens United is not about corporations = people.
  11. Parenting done right.
  12. Architectural beauty or not?
  13. The Benghazi question (or is it “one of the B questions?).

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