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  1. The fantasy in Obamacare noted.
  2. Gun control in the context of AZ.
  3. Something a bit lighter. I’ll admit to, in my wilder days in school, cat bowling with a stressed out roommate. To be fair, the cat had claws and got its fair share of hurt in on us.
  4. Wise words for pundits talking about the shooter.
  5. And from the same source, the problem with calling for better screening of kids like him … the problem is there are tens of thousands of them … and your screening problem (false positive/negative) is going to bite you big time.
  6. The political environment, or getting the blame wrong.
  7. Solzhenitsyn and his remarks regarding the West.
  8. Rule and meta-rule. In college we tried playing variants of chess in which one could alter movement rules as one’s move instead of a piece movement. If I remember our initial attempts weren’t interesting enough to develop meta-rules to make that very playable.
  9. Beauty and the world. So few today seek to witness and express beauty.
  10. 3% is not insignificant in the context of today’s 9%+ unemployment.
  11. And the unfortunate problem of the death panel discussion is that the basis of it (a) is real and (b) needs to be talked about. Health care will be rationed, supply is less than the demand (and if anything Obamacare’s regulatory burdens works most to decrease supply). The pro- vs con- Obamacare position boils down to whether you trust the government. The oddity is of course, that those who trust the government never seem to notice that the same government invaded Iraq … a far much more straightforward decision and implementation (and have ignored their own Administration’s willingness to use their power to exempt for insurance requirements of the new laws companies and groups to curry political favor). 

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