Good morning to all.

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but of course two wrights make an airplane.
  2. Bang! (or bud-duh bud-duh &etc)
  3. So, do you sue the algorithm or the teeming millions whose prior search made the algorithm decide that’s likely?
  4. But where is the cunning plan?
  5. Speaking of Black Adder and cunning plans … I’ll be this is also part of the cunning plan known as unaffectionately as Obamacare.
  6. Glass houses, stones, throwing, and all that.
  7. The generation of love, once removed is the generation of spite and hate?
  8. If you don’t laugh at the last picture, either you missed the movie or you have no sense of humor.
  9. Of brain and mind … a book.
  10. Fallacy alert, you can leave your job, ergo it’s not coercion and don’t pretend it is.
  11. Mr Sandefur is a Creedal libertarian, except there’s no actual creed … that part is just smoke and mirrors. From the same source, one might note that concealed carry becomes far easier for gals in full Islamic regalia.
  12. Vote for the communists.
  13. Of working teats and the work-place.

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