1. Reading suggestions for leaders. What would you suggest?
  2. Tears of a geographer, noted here too. Or is this just more evidence of innumeracy?
  3. Nuts noted. Nuts who don’t know the two words which are Mr Obama’s best insurance, i.e., Biden and Pelosi.
  4. That’s why it took so long to catch Mr Madoff (he was being groomed).
  5. Slavery.
  6. Of human evils.
  7. The socialism notion.
  8. Still trying to spin. Remind us why (coincendentally white) non-Russian immigrants from the former Soviet Union are unable to comprehend discrimination?
  9. A related (and counter) point made here.
  10. St. Brenden.
  11. Mr Kass in science.
  12. An interesting discussion on A Secular Age.
  13. In the context of advise and consent … recalling Mr Obama on Mr Roberts.
  14. Covering for judges.
  15. Summarizing the McArdle/ObWings abortion discussion.
  16. Marriage and Tolstoy.

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